Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Walk

Not much has been happening around here, but now days, that's normal I guess. Kardyn has learned to climb, which is weird for me because Chase never did. This is how she keeps getting stuck. Even with the chairs pushed into the table, she still tries to climb up there!
Chase's preschool took a field trip last week and so we went along for the ride. It was a pumpkin walk at a local place. All different schools put out pumpkin displays and then you can vote for your favorite one.
My niece Abbie is in the same class as Chase...they also got to decorate a cookie
I'm not too sure what Chase decided his was after he decorated it, but it still tasted good!
This is his whole class, I think they have 8 kids all together

This was the class display of pumpkins. They pained rocks to look like pumpkins, they were super cute
Chase picked the biggest rock to paint, it's the huge one in the back

We also had a fun week with some friends who visited us from Oregon, of course I didn't take pictures because I still can't find my camera when I need it. I still feel all out of place at our new house. But we're sad to see them leave and we already miss them! {Happy 5th Birthday Jack}


nic and allison said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Anonymous said...

(Oh, so THAT's where the Blank's have been! ;-)

Good luck with the climbing thing -- I'm still waiting for Anne to grow out of that stage!

JulieN said...

Your kids are sure growing!! Be glad that's all the farther Kardyn can get, when she figures it out she will be on top of the table, counters, and beyond!!!

Emily said...

I think it is so funny (most of the time) when a kid climbs onto something, or gets into something, and you have to ask yourself, how did you do that? Your kiddos are adorable.

Emily said...
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Beckie said...

The rock pumpkins are such a neat idea. Maybe next year!