Thursday, October 8, 2009

hide & seek?

Can you find my TV?
The only place in this house for a tv is here. Which has left us no space for our stereo or anything else. It's really annoying, our tv looks like it's being eaten by everything else. It's kinda ghetto but what else are you gonna do!?
PS- I made this YUMMY soup-here's the recipe- it was really easy and I just cooked it on high for less time. It was perfect for a chilly evening!


Emily said...

I really like your place! It looks great! You know, renting has a lot of great benefits. If something happens, you get to call someone to take care of it, and if you decide to leave, you can just leave, you don't have to worry about selling. We like renting.

Also, a cure for white walls, buying large canvases and painting them solid colors.

Aubrey and Jardan said...

Haha--I made potato soup last night, too! Yours looks delicious. Your house looks great--nice to be in a place that size and let the kids have their own rooms! I can't believe how big Kardyn is! I'm excited for Eve, Chase, and Kardyn to play together soon :)

Aubrey and Jardan said...

So last night Mom and I made butterscotch brownies, but instead of cooking them like brownies in the oven, Mom had a GENIUS idea to cook them like waffles (remember chocolate waffle cookies?)! Try it, it's SO GOOD!

Beckie said...

Sounds super yummy!