Sunday, October 25, 2009

My favorite time of the day

I absolutely love it when the kids wake up from their afternoon naps. Kardyn is super cuddly and Chase will actually sit by me for a few minutes.

Just a random picture of the kids playing this afternoon

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Walk

Not much has been happening around here, but now days, that's normal I guess. Kardyn has learned to climb, which is weird for me because Chase never did. This is how she keeps getting stuck. Even with the chairs pushed into the table, she still tries to climb up there!
Chase's preschool took a field trip last week and so we went along for the ride. It was a pumpkin walk at a local place. All different schools put out pumpkin displays and then you can vote for your favorite one.
My niece Abbie is in the same class as Chase...they also got to decorate a cookie
I'm not too sure what Chase decided his was after he decorated it, but it still tasted good!
This is his whole class, I think they have 8 kids all together

This was the class display of pumpkins. They pained rocks to look like pumpkins, they were super cute
Chase picked the biggest rock to paint, it's the huge one in the back

We also had a fun week with some friends who visited us from Oregon, of course I didn't take pictures because I still can't find my camera when I need it. I still feel all out of place at our new house. But we're sad to see them leave and we already miss them! {Happy 5th Birthday Jack}

Thursday, October 8, 2009

hide & seek?

Can you find my TV?
The only place in this house for a tv is here. Which has left us no space for our stereo or anything else. It's really annoying, our tv looks like it's being eaten by everything else. It's kinda ghetto but what else are you gonna do!?
PS- I made this YUMMY soup-here's the recipe- it was really easy and I just cooked it on high for less time. It was perfect for a chilly evening!


I guess I should have been a little bit more clear on the last post...we are in a RENTAL for now, which is why we can't paint. However, I'm kind of enjoying not having the responsibilities of a home owner, I don't have to fix things and spend hundreds of dollars any time something goes wrong. It's kind of a nice break. Anyway, I have some more pictures to post, so keep checking up on us.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

our new place

We are so excited to be in our own place again, it's nice to have our own space back. We've been so grateful for our family who has been letting us live at their place for the past 6 months, but it's time to move on! We're also happy to have a much bigger place than our tiny little house in Oregon. We've got 5 bedrooms and so much closet space, I actually don't know where to put all my stuff! So these pictures were taken last week, I'm still working on things, I haven't hung any curtains in the downstairs living space yet and things like that, but at least you can get the idea!

I've made the decision to put our kids in separate rooms, and they are adjusting well. This is Kardyn's room. I'm really having a hard time with not being able to paint the walls. I REALLY dislike white and boring colors, that's one reason why I've starting to hang things up quickly. I have some plans for things to go on the walls in the kids rooms so they are a little more interesting, but I'll share that once it gets done.
This is as you walk into the house...sorry they are kind of out of order and I don't want to take the time to fix them right now! To the right is a hallway with a 2nd bathroom, Kardyn's room, a closet and the Master bedroom. To the left there are two more closets and the garage.
This is Chase's room upstairs. We gave him the biggest room so that he can have lots of room to play in here instead of having a toy room. It's been pretty nice, and when kids come over, they just trash this room instead of a toy room and his bedroom.

As you walk up the stairs..this is a 3rd bathroom and Chase's room and a nice big closet upstairs.

This will eventually be the office/craft room. I decided I would scrapbook more if I was able to keep my stuff out all the time, hopefully I can finish more projects this way.
This is just part of the upstairs. It's nice because we have some room up here. I've put the kids' bookshelf in that little nook and that's working well for them, they've been good at keeping the books and puzzles in that area.
This is the guest room upstairs.
More space up in the hallway, I put our big over-stuffed chair up there in hopes of a reading area for me while the kids play or something. I think I need to hang some photos and maybe put a rug over there or something.

Well that's it, we hope to be in this place for a few years, and so far it's working out nice for our family!

I know....I'm a slacker

So things have been pretty crazy recently, sorry for the lack of blogging! This past few weeks we've been trying to move into our new place and that's always hectic and finding time to blog is not easy! Anyway, Kardyn is turning into such a little copy cat...she's talking a lot more than Chase ever did at her age and wants to do everything that Chase does.
Including playing with his cars
and making the noises that go with playing with's pretty cute though
This past weekend we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my Mom. She brought her Young Women to Utah for Conference so we stole her for a night. We went out to eat and Chase discovered chop sticks...well, the kid-friendly kind. I took some home for him, so he loves them now.

We also took my mom with us to a reception in SL of friends of ours from Naperville. It was fun to see everyone!

Chase and Kardyn have been playing a lot more together recently, and this is their favorite thing to do. I think it's hilarious because she actually lays there and let's him do this to her! She just giggles and laughs.

She is such a girl