Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oregon Trip

We made a much needed trip back to Oregon this past week. The kids were great in the car! Ok, they didn't really sleep the whole 12 hours, but I thought this picture was too cute not to post.
We were able to spend time with friends, and missed the ones we didn't get to see. How come it always is that your vacations are too short!!
Jordan had fun playing with these, he's so silly!

This is how we ate at my house....well the kids at least! Since we still have our house, we stayed there, but it's empty. We had friends bring us an air mattress and sleeping bags for the kids. It was kinda funny because it was like camping in my own house, I had to bring bath towels (not to mention a shower curtain that I bought once we arrived!) toilet paper, and weird things like that. It was fun to say the least!
One of Chase's favorite parts of the trip was driving the tractor! Some friends of ours have a lot of property so they had some fun playing on the equipment. This is like his dream!

We also had a fun time out on the lake with Debbie and Bill. They just got a boat so we had some fun out on the lake!!

Here's Crissy & Steve getting ready to tube it up!

We had so much fun visiting friends, it was nice to be back. We miss you all so much and thank you for everything you did for us while we were visiting!


Bean said...

I wish our visit with you guys wasn't so short. We weren't as lucky as some of your other friends, but I'm glad you made time to see us. Love ya!

Michelley said...

Looks like a fun trip back home. Just met a girl in my new ward from Eugene. I'm sad I missed out on seeing you at the Naperville reunion at the Cannon's last month. For sure I'll have to make it next time!!