Thursday, August 27, 2009


When Tim used to live here as a kid, I guess they used to fish for crawfish all the time. Tim has been wanting to take the kids, so we went out a few nights ago.
I guess you have to wait until it gets dark because we only caught a few at first. Staci and I left before it got dark because Kardyn and Brandt didn't have jackets.

This is how many they came home with!
Brandt thought they were kinda funny looking
Staci and I were making fun of the little ones who had lost claws and started growing new ones back. This was after they were cooked, we found like 5 like this
Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun, and those little scary things actually taste pretty good!


whitney allison said...

Where did you catch those? Do you mean in Utah? Did I miss something?

Amy said...

sorry...they're just creepy looking. Spiders of the sea.

Tana said...

Holy Cow! Those are Huge. Did you eat them?