Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tim's company sent him out to Maryland for some training last week, so I thought I would take advantage of the free time and take the kids to visit my parents in Arizona. Which by the way we drove and I didn't get lost, and found it all by myself! I was very proud! The drive wasn't even that bad, we stayed the night in St. George with my Uncle and drove the rest of the 7 hours the next day. Not bad!
We had lots of fun, it was already super hot there though, like in 100's. Don't know why anyone would ever choose to live in that hot place, but WHATEVER! Eve and Chase had lots of fun playing though, my mom bought this sand and water table for them to play with outside. We only put water in it for them. It's funny to hear these two talk, they go on and on about so many funny things. It's hard to see Chase growing up and having his own imagination!

I also was able to see my dear friends the Spindles while visiting. They came up to take family to the airport so I had to steal some of there time and we went to brunch. The kids had a blast! Kardyn LOVED "baby Bryce" (even though he's older than her, I still call him that!)

Dan and Kardyn...we are so excited for Dan because they might have an opportunity to move closer to us, I hope you get the job Dan!

My sister and her husband Jardan took me rock climbing! It was so fun! I have to say I've never actually climbed on the mountain, it's always been a rock wall in the gym type of a thing. This was soooo much better! I really had a lot of fun, and was pretty impressed with myself! This is Jardan at the top getting ready to repel down to us.
Here is a view from up where we were climbing. I sure do miss Oregon! I'm not such a big fan of these dry, hot, desert places!
Here's me! I didn't go up much more than this, but it was really fun and I can't wait until I can go with them again next time I visit.

Aubrey and I took the kids to this local Mall that has this splash pad. It's really fun for the kids and it's nice and shady! 

I was also able to see one of my friends from high school that lives near my parents. Jon and his family met up with us at a splash pad and we let the kids play. It was nice to see a familiar face, especially since we've moved, I need more of those!
Jill just had her ADORABLE baby 2 months ago, her name is Mia. She's so cute!
Chase wasn't too excited about getting in the water that day, oh well! He had fun playing at the park though.
Oh, random last shot, I should have zoomed in more, sorry! But I wish the Kohl's by me when we lived in Medford had deals like the one by my mom in Arizona. I got these jeans for $11, normally like 58 or something like that. I love them


Amy said...

Yay! You found Arizona by yourself!! Tee hee, just kidding....I've been wondering if you're back yet. We need to get together for a playdate. Emery is only getting up once at night now so I am getting more sleep and can stay up later for game night.

Bean said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. I'm glad you made it back safely! I can't believe how fast your kids have grown already. We miss you guys!

Cyndi and Tommy Krebs said...

looks like you had a very fun trip. It was so fun seeing the picture with J.P. My parents are in Mesa now and the two times I've gone to visit them I always want to try to get together with him too, but it still hasn't ever worked out yet. Your kids are adorable!!

Beckie said...

Yeah for good buys. It looks like you had a blast in Arizona. I can't wait to take a vacation with my family soon.

Mary said...

I just got some things from Kohls. Good deals. Also...who is the girl in the middle in the yellow shirt?

families are forever said...


Anonymous said...

It IS great to see you happy and smiling! We miss you so very much, and I'm getting even sadder as all these young kids that used to be Beehives are getting married! Are you going to Danielle Hughes' reception this week? Thursday night, White Willow Reception house, Provo? I hope you are, and I hope you get to give her a big hug for me, 'cause we can't go!

Tana said...

I love all the info. You are really missed here. I am so jealous of the rock climbing! Can't wait for you to come visit us soon. 5:30 isn't the same without you.

nicole said...

Rock on sister! you be having some good times. I love the Kohl's by me too-I get some seriously good deals there.

Michelley said...

Wow! You are so brave to do that drive with 2 kids alone. And so brave with the rock climbing! And I love Kardyn's adorable smile in that one picture. Priceless!