Friday, April 17, 2009

Parson's Bakery

So I've been going into SL with my sister-in-law Staci (who is prego) for her doctors appointments, and we've been going to this yummy bakery in Bountiful. 

This is my favorite cookie, german chocolate! Doesn't that just make your mouth water! Yumm


I have some left over random pictures, I love this face!

Helping Daddy

This picture speaks for itself, I have no idea how that happened, nor did I notice it until I looked at the picture on my computer. My daughter is super flexible!
Sneaking a drink from Chase's sippy cup

Tanner and Kardyn before we moved
Lidia and I before we left
and Tamara and I
Michelle and Debbie
Grandma Eisenbrandt and Karydn on Easter 


The kids had fun on Easter. An egg hunt with all the cousins! My oldest niece adores Kardyn.
My favorite shot...OPEN THIS EGG MOM!

Jason smoked our Ham, it was Yummy!

Chase showing me what the Easter Bunny brought him.

The Drive

Here's a few pictures from the road. Here is our tire that shredded on the trailer that was hauling my entire life in it! Shortly after this was replaced, the rim broke off of the new tire, and had to be jimmy rigged to make it the last 60 miles or so. That was nice!

Long and boring with no one to talk to but myself and sleeping babies!

We stayed the night in Reno and drove the rest of the way on Sunday night. I took the kids and went ahead of the trailers and stuff, they arrived about 5 hours after us because of all the tire problems.


I know I know...I'm sure you all want to know if we made it to Utah or not! Well, we did, and now I have a million things to post on my blog. Tim just was able to get our computer set up a few days ago, and since then, I've been trying to find time to put my pictures on here. Of course it doesn't help when we've been deathly sick, so now that we are over that (fingers crossed) I can get back to business! These are random pictures from the day we moved out, which was on the 4th. We had lots of help loading up our 27 foot trailer, which was huge, and we didn't think we'd fill it, but we did, to the brim! 

Here's Ty checking out the babies! I never got a picture with Katie! How did that happen?!

Overall it was a sad day, and since I had to drive my own car, it was even harder! I'm not sure how I got out of town I was bawling so hard! We love you all and miss you lots!