Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's true

If you didn't already know, we are moving! Tim was able to get a job out in Utah at the Tooele Army Depot. It has nothing to do with design work, but they will pay for him to go back to school and get his Masters in whatever he wants, so we can get back into design later. Since it's a Government job, we'll have great health benefits and paying for school is worth it in itself! Both of Tim's sisters live in Tooele and his parents live down by Manti so we will be able to see family a lot more. My family will also be much closer, and we can't wait to see all our friends in SLC again! On the other hand, we are very sad to leave this place we have called home for the last almost five years. We've been able to explore the Oregon coast, visit Portland and cities in between. We love the scenery here, and the weather will be hard to give up! All four seasons! That doesn't happen often in many other places. We will miss our family up in Grants Pass, it's been so fun living by them and getting to know them better. Our ward has been such a strength for us, we've been able to grow so much spiritually while we've been here. As much as Tim sometimes hated his calling (Elders Quarm Pres.) he had a hard time when he was released last Sunday. It was nice to have Daddy at home after church though! We both have had some great callings in this ward, and we'll miss our friends dearly. We've made lasting friendships and we already can't wait to come back and visit! Oh, which brings me to...we are leaving in a week and a half! Yeah, I'm not having so much fun trying to pack my house! Who knew we had so much stuff! Anyway, our Brother-in-law will be on his way up next Friday with a big trailer and truck to help us move out there. We are excited to start over in a new place, but we will always call this place home. Grandma came by this morning so we took some pictures of her with the kids. These are in order.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This weekend we didn't do too much...for whatever reason we took lots of pictures though! So I found this one of Chase after we had taken the next one of Kardyn.

We had some really warm was nice to get some fresh air! We even went to the park!
Chase is getting really good at riding his bike.

I took this picture for Austin, he gave Kardyn her cute shirt! Thanks Uncle Austin! We miss you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

woot woot

First things first, I'm still not in love with my new blog background, I did a pre-made one this time (I usually use scrapbook paper and make my own) but we'll see, it might grow on me.
So how many of you have heard of Pretty cool website. They sell one item a day, and it's cheap, or like "really on sale" I guess you could say. Well, we haven't really started looking at car seats yet for Kardyn, but this one came up on the other day. Tim did some research, and we got this seat for $100.00 (plus $5 shipping). Most places on sale it was still $189.00 and normally it's like $250. It has good reviews and all that fun stuff so we decided to get it. Other than it's pretty big, I really like it. Oh, and it's made by a company called Recaro.
I don't think Kardyn does yet

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stake Conference

Elder L Tom Perry came to speak at our Stake Conference this weekend. It was really cool. Tim was able to go to the Priesthood training session with him, and then I attended the adult session that night. We attempted to bring the kids to the Sunday session, and Chase actually did rather well. We only really had to take him out to walk a round a few times, he was getting antsy! He had some great messages, mostly based on spending time and teaching our family.  It was so fun to be able to hear an apostle, It's been a long time since I've been able to hear one, especially since I didn't attend BYU. I even got to shake his hand!

Ooooohh laa laa!

This weekend was the 5th Annual Chocolate Festival in Ashland. It was delicious! Different vendors came from around the area to let you sample their chocolate, and of course hopefully buy it! They also had some classes and contests going on as well. Here is cute Janice showing off the sign with all the yummy chocolates!

Ok, So I had to add the one of Tana as well!
This was my favorite item.  I know it sounds totally bizarre, but it was sooo good. Chocolate covered bacon. Just enough sweet added to the salty. 
This was all made out of chocolate, I just thought it was kinda cool

Crissy and Janice at lunch.
Some of us on our way into the festival.

Oh yeah, this was the night before at Tana's house. We had a chocolate party to prepare for the next day! You can never have too much, right?!