Monday, January 12, 2009

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

Tim's family came to town last week! Unfortunately it was for a funeral....but it all done now and we are back to the grind. Tim's grandma who lives up here, her husband of 3 1/2 years passed away suddenly. I'll try and post the nice thing that Tim made online soon for the memorial service.
 Jason, my brother-in-law loves to take tons and tons of pictures while he's here! So here are some cute ones of Kardyn. 

Alaina apparently thinks Kardyn can eat a whole clementine!
I LOVE this picture, it makes me laugh!
Here is Chase trying to blow dry Grandma's hair! 
Grandma! Stop it!
Hunter loves his little baby cousin, he plays with her every chance he gets
Here is what happened to my face, in order....please excuse the ugly faces I make in these next shots!

Yeah she does this regularly, it's cute, I love my baby girl! We had lots of fun with everyone visiting and we wished they could have stayed longer. Chase actually cried as they drove away! And Kjerstin flew out, and Chase kept asking where she went because he didn't get to come to the airport with me.


Bean said...

Cute pictures!

Beckie said...

Kardyn is way cute. I love her little kisses with her mommy.

Paige said...

Love the pics with you and Kardyn! You guy have the same chin! She sure is growing up fast.

families are forever said...

great pictures!!!

Candace said...

don't you love baby kisses...Emmy started doing those too on demand and we love it. They grow up so fast and I love seeing them become the little person they are. Kardyn had definitely hit that stage. She is beautiful. And Chase is so big...and handsome too!!!

Michelley said...

Those shots are all adorable! Great kisser! :-)

Emy said...

I love those pics of Kardyn biting you! She is so so so so cute!

Anonymous said...

Kardyn is dangerously darling. I know one of these days we're all just going to eat her up!! I love the way her little face crinkles up when she smiles!