Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Pictures

I'm excited for Christmas this year because Chase is old enough to know what's going on. He's been really excited to see Santa...Crissy and I took the boys to see him one day while we were just walking by in the mall. Ever since then, he's wanted to go back. So we went last weekend, and put Kardyn up there with him. He had fun, but the people there only let us take 2 pictures (who does that!) and we couldn't get Kardyn to look up. Oh well, at least she's in the picture and we'll know she was alive then! Chase asked Santa for "pat" who is a character on a show he likes called Handy Manny.


The Rives said...

I like the set-up. I can't get Olivia to take pictures with Santa. It is good that you got one with the two of them!

Crissy said...

So cute. I'll have to steal that one of the boys. I miss you! Our trip is going well and we are getting hammered with snow here. We leave for Vegas tomorrow morning for the wedding.