Friday, December 12, 2008


So I finally have a few minutes to myself! The first two pictures are just random of Kardyn, actually from a few weeks ago. She's been scooting around pretty well on her back. It's funny because she arches her back and pushes with her feet so she slides on the back of her head, if that makes any sense! Anyway, it's cute! She loves to play with her feet!
This pictures was from the first time we put her in this toy. Chase LOVED this toy when he was little. She can get around in it pretty well now. The seat slides up and down and can turn. 
Last Saturday we went to cut our Christmas tree, it's only $5 for the tag so that's nice! We went up with 2 other families. This is Jack, he said he was trying to put the tree in the truck!

Lidia and Neil, I don't know what it is with the boys, but these two pictures...they must not like to have their pictures taken!
Carrie and her boy Sam and DJ in the background doing who knows what!

So I'll try to be better at posting, I miss being at home with my kids. Working has been tough for me, hopefully there will be an end in sight soon! We'll keep you posted!


Mary said...

Where have you been working? And that tree is ginormous.

families are forever said...

Kardyn is so precious!!!! smiles Danette

PS Does that tree fit in your house? Post a picture when you can.