Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in Arizona

For Thanksgiving this year, we flew out to visit my family in Arizona. Aubrey and Jardan and their little girl Eve, live there as well. Austin flew in from Chicago and then we were one big happy family! The weather was amazing, it was about 70-80 degrees and cool at night, and believe it or not it rained while we were there! Here is Austin with Kardyn after eating our Thanksgiving dinner.
Zane loves to catch lizards in his backyard. He found a gecko and both of the kids wanted to hold it. I can't believe they stood still long enough! 

Although Chase did get a little jumpy, it actually jumped from one arm to the other right after I took this picture, it was cute, then we has frantically trying to shake it off!
A trip with Uncle Zane just wouldn't be complete with out playing with his guns!

My mom has this old jumper that all of us kids used when we were little, so we put Kardyn in it. She likes it but she still hasn't figured it out yet. I brought it home, so hopefully with enough practice, she'll be a pro!

Uncle Austin asleep with Kardyn!
Papa and Kardyn
Papa with Eve and Chase

I love this picture! They took a bath and Chase made the weirdest face! We had so much fun and Chase hasn't stopped talking about the airplane we got to fly on, or playing with Eve and he misses his Nana, Papa, Aubrey, Jardan, Uncle Zane and Austin already! 


Bean said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

Michelley said...

Fun to see pictures of your fam. Looks like fun!

Emy said...

Ha, that is the biggest and best bath ever! And I can't believe it, Austin is a man! I haven't seen pictures of him for a long time. And Zane is growing up. I'm glad you got to see your family, what a treat. Miss you!

Angie said...

Not sure if you remember probably don't. We lived in York, PA when your dad was the Bishop there. I don't remember how old you were then. But your dad was at our wedding reception. I loved seeing pics of your family after all these years. Tell them that we live in Indiana now and have 7 kids. Life is good!