Monday, October 20, 2008

Random weekend pictures

Since Chase has been potty trained, he has become super independent. I don't know if it's his age or something else, but all of a sudden he wants to do EVERYTHING on his own. Including getting undressed, or at least trying. Usually he's too fast and I can't get my camera fast enough, but I caught a few, I thought they were pretty funny.

Sometimes he just does funny stuff....totally random.
Most of you who read my blog know that Tim and I clean his office building on the weekends for extra money. Chase will go to bed and Kardyn usually sleeps in her car seat. However, she'd been fussy, so I just layed her down under this desk and she fell asleep. I just thought it was cute!
We also went to a Halloween party this weekend, I'll post pictures from that soon. It's for sure a Monday because I have loads of laundry and dishes stacked high that have to be done! Not to mention I'm feeding the missionaries tonight! Lucky for me, my husband wants to make them steaks so I don't have to cook! Well, at least the main dish! So stay tuned for more pictures!!


whitney allison said...

Those pictures of him undressing himself are pretty hilarious!

Bean said...

Chase is growing so fast. He is so cute!! I love how he says kitty and turtle.

Crissy said...

These are priceless pictures. I can't believe he likes to undress himself. I guess most kids's just Parker doesn't want to yet so it is a bit foreign to me personally. Kardyn is getting to be so cute! See you early in the morning. I'm thinking about you guys a lot and praying for you.