Sunday, October 5, 2008

7 Oaks

Yesterday was a lazy day, and the only thing we really did outside of the house was to go to a local produce farm. They have yummy yummy stuff. They also have a maze and pony rides for kids, but it started to rain when we got there. We just tried to take some pictures of Chase. This is the only shot he would hold still for because he was sitting on a tractor.
These are cheese smilies because he didn't want to sit there while Tim took the pictures. My brother in law Jason always asks how we even get pictures of the wild man, they should all come out blurry because he's always going, going,!

I just love babies while they sleep. Most of you who read my blog already know that though. I have a picture of Chase just like this, but I couldn't find it to post, and I don't have time to look for it harder. Oh well!


Bean said...

I love that picture of Chase with all the pumpkins! Your kids are so cute!!

Candace said...

i love the pink swoosh!!!! too cute.

Beckie said...

yummy cobbler and precious children!

The Davidson's said...

your little boy is a mini tim!! and kardyn is so big now. Fall looks awesome where you are.