Monday, August 18, 2008


This weekend we were lucky enough to visit our good friends Tim and Amy and their son Jackson. They live in Utah but were up in Portland for a wedding, so we decided to drive up and see them! We played in the pool, but Jackson was a little scared, this is about all he did!
Chase on the other hand was a fish! I think his swimming lessons have helped a lot! He was jumping in like a mad man, belly flops and everything!
He wasn't even jumping this much at his last lesson, but I guess it must have given him some courage because Tim couldn't keep up with him!
Then we went to the Portland Zoo. I've been dying to take Chase to a zoo because Medford has nothing fun like this for kids. He had so much fun. This picture is really funny because the zoo keeper was telling us that they get this ice from a Zamboni at the mall. There is a huge mall in Portland called the Lloyd Center I think, and they have an ice rink. So they use the ice shavings to keep the bears happy! How funny!
Chase was a little scared of this bear, so Dad had to be in the picture with him
We also got to ride a train that took us to Washington Park, and that was fun! Chase and Jackson had a blast riding the train! What 2 year old boy wouldn't?

We had a fun weekend and we had so much fun visiting our friends! Hopefully we can get together again soon!


Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

Oh how I love Portland. IT is such a great place! How fun to see friends and be somewhere different. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!!

Amy said...

Thank you guys soooo much for driving all the way up here to see us! We had so much fun and yea!, we finally got to meet Kardyn. The pictures are great. I'll have to send you some more when I get home.

Bean said...

Looks like you have been having a fun summer!