Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deer season

We are leaving for Utah this weekend so that Tim can hunt with his Dad. He's been hunting with his family for lots and lots of years and it's been hard for him not to go since we've moved away. A friend of ours has a whole bunch of land that he lets us come and shoot our bows on, which is really fun. He has some nice targets. Tim's been over there a lot so that he can get his bow ready and get us a deer this year! Let's hope he comes back with one!
I'm a little nervous about our drive out though. We are hopefully driving through the night, it's about a 13 hour drive but that does not count stopping. I'm hoping that Kardyn will sleep well because I don't really want her waking up Chase when she cry's or we have to stop and feed her. They've been doing great at sharing a room though, she doesn't seem to really bother Chase much anymore which is really nice. Hopefully I can post pictures while we are gone, if not, I'll do them all when we get back!


Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

good luck snaggin' that deer Tim! I hope you guys have a safe drive. After our drive almost took us 24 hours I feel bad that you guys have to travel so far. Good luck with Kardyn I hope she does really well. We are going to try hard to come out. We still don't have a place but WE are looking really hard. We love and miss you guys. Hope 2 c u soon!

Kristy said...

Bradley would be so jealous! He had his hunt in Nevada & got skunked! He loves to do the Archery also!