Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last night Crissy and I thought it might be fun just to go and check out the "Breaking Dawn" release party at Barnes & Noble. They had some trivia games and a scavenger hunt and people were all dressed up. They wouldn't let me take any pictures in the store so I couldn't get any of people's costumes. But it was fun to go and see what the hype is all about at these release parties. Too bad Crissy & I bought our books online, so we didn't even get our books that night. Hopefully we'll get them on Monday. Since I haven't read the book yet, I'm staying away from my computer until I've read it, I don't want anyone or anything to spoil it for me!


Spindle said...

My sisters and I were at walmart at midnight! I love it ! I love it! I love it!

Bean said...

I'm glad you got your book. Looks like you have been having lots of fun!

Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

TOo fun! Your hair is getting so long girl!!! Can't wait to get together for your Birthday!!