Monday, July 21, 2008


This past week has been exactly that, a whirlwind! Including my family of 4, we had 15 people staying with us this past week. It was full of family, fun, confusion, chaos, stress, excitement and love! We had a blast! Tim's entire immediate family came to visit. We did so many fun things, these first pictures are random ones. This is Kjerstin who is addicted to scratch-it's when she comes to Oregon. Utah doesn't have a lottery, so this is something they like to do when they come to visit us. Notice the pile of dust from her cards on her lap, she must really be addicted! Oh, and by the way, I did not get a new camera, SIGH, most of these pictures are from my brother-in-law Jason who has a fancy camera.
I'm hoping this is not what I looked like all week walking around my house. See, if you have never been to my house, you should know that 1200 square feet is not enough to fit 4 people, let alone 15. But the kids had fun sleeping outside "under the stars."

Tim's grandma holding Kardyn
Tim's dad with her too!
Since my table only seats 4 people, we ate outside on our patio on long folding tables and chairs. This worked really well, and it was pretty cool outside for the most part.
I think sponge bob must have been on to make this boy stop moving for a minute!

Hunter and Indianna


Bean said...

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing them. Looks like you guys had lots of fun together!

Mary said...

Oh man, you have been busy. hope it was fun too.