Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimming Lessons!

Today was Chase's second day of swimming lessons this year. It's kind of nice because he has the same teacher that he had last year (not that he probably remembers). Anyway, Cohen and Parker are in the same class and they all seem to be doing well for the most part. Yesterday, this lifeguard was about 4 feet farther away from the boys. He must have noticed that we had escapees yesterday and decided he needed to keep a closer eye on them!
The kids kind of play on the little step while the teacher takes them out around the pool. Chase has decided when he gets bored that it's time to get out. He only jumped out once today, better than yesterday!
Here's Parker learning how to kick on the big mat
Chase did much better today with the teacher, yesterday I think he just didn't know what to think! He did his kicks and went under the water well.

This is Jordan, Crissy's new baby who is only 2 weeks older than Kardyn.
He's just a little bit bigger than her.
So the boys are having fun, if I can remember to bring my camera, I'll keep taking pictures. I can't begin to tell you how many things I forget now that I have stuff for 2 kids!


Crissy said...

These are great pictures...your camera does just fine as long as you can use the viewfinder!

I especially love the comparison of our two newbies (well not so newbie anymore).

See ya tomorrow!

Bean said...

Looks like chase is having fun in swim lessons.

Bean said...

Looks like chase is having fun in swim lessons.

Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

awe how fun. Chase is a good swimmer. Plus it is nice to be in the pool so it is probably easier to get him out there. Kardyn is so cute. Wow crissy's lil' guy is a lot bigger then Kardyn. How funny! Hey don't beat yourself up about the forgetting part. This is all a new adventure for you. It will all come back to you!

Beckie said...

Swim lessons! Fun!

Becky said...

There was a baby in our ward that was 10 lbs 13 oz he is a giant compared to Lexie!