Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family pics

Here are a few more pictures from when Mom, Dad and Zane were here. They left yesterday. It was a sad day. Poor Chase was walking around the house "where Nana go, where Z go, where Papa go?" It was really cute and sad to watch! But we had lots of fun while they were here and hopefully we'll get to see them at Thanksgiving!
Zane wearing Tim's sunglasses all ready for Church. He matched Kardyn, don't they look cute?
Papa and Kardyn
On Monday we went to Emigrant Lake with the Skabelunds. All of us had lots of fun.

My mom couldn't keep Chase out of the water! I guess that means he'll enjoy swimming lessons this year!

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Bean said...

I love your blog! we had so much fun with you guys. I'm excited to get together on the 4th!