Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Stroller

I finally got my stroller! I never thought I would get a tandom double stroller, but I really like this one! The baby seat can go in the front chair, Chase can sit in the back like he is, or that seat comes out and he can stand up or sit facing me (while pushing). I just like having the options for Chase since he is getting bigger and walking beside me is totally out of the question. Chase is a wild man! I just thought these pictures were cute because we put the stroller together and he wanted to sit in it, he was there for probably 20 minutes or so before he wanted to get out!


Tris & Ken said...

VERY COOL!!! Chase looks so grown up!! This is going to be great, I'm so excited for you!! Email if you want to talk about the rigours of having two kids close together!! I am so grateful that I did, but it ISN'T EASY!! But I feel so happy and so full and I'm starting to get good at it, so don't even be afraid. Just be ready to not expect it to be easy at first. I'm so excited for you!

Bean said...

That will be very nice to have! I don't like the side by side strollers. You made a great choice!