Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fishing & Flowers

It was free fishing weekend here in Oregon and last year we were able to take full advantage of it. However, being 9 months prego, I didn't really feel like camping! So, we ended up going to Hyatt lake and enjoying the activities that they have going on there for the kids and tried to get some fishing in. We drove up on Saturday with the Skabelunds. This is Lexie painting her fish to be printed on her T-shirt. We made one for Chase too but I forgot to take pictures!
Madison painting her fish!

This is how they put this fish on the shirt, these fish are huge!
Tim wanted to get Chase a fishing pole this year, so we went and got him a Sponge Bob fishing pole for him to use. He totally loved it! He had so much fun "fishing" with dad.

My roses are coming up! Since they are in my back yard and no one sees them but us, I like to cut them and bring them inside so we can enjoy them more!
Some of the petals have been kind of wilted and I had to try and figure out online what is wrong with them since I'm not much of a gardener. I think it's because we've had so much rain and the roots are staying too wet. Hopefully the newer blooms will look prettier. If that's not the problem, I think they might have fungus! Then I have to go get something to kill it!


Paige & Dan said...

I love the picture of Tim and Chase sitting together and fishing. So cute! The roses are gorgeous!

Becca B said...

Thats an interesting thing to do with a fish, what do they do with them afterward? it looks like a lot of fun! hey keep me updated on your baby!

Marcie said...

What beautiful roses. I love fresh cut flowers. That thing with the fish t-shirt is a little weird for me. I have never seen anything like that, but I must say they are rather large fish