Monday, May 12, 2008

I need some feedback

Alright, I've been seriously considering some type of baby sling/carrier/wrap for this new child. I've heard a few things from friends and I think I still need some more input. First I've heard that you really need a more expensive one VS. a "homemade" one to make it comfortable. That being said, I also want one that can be worn several ways, not just in the front or on the hip. I also don't like the ones that you have to wrap around your body a million times and it looks like you have another shirt on because that's too much work and I don't want to sweat more than I already do. Or the one with all the extra "pretty" fabric hanging down, which I think is cute, but totally in the way. See following pictures:

I've been looking at things more like this:

So what do you know! Help me out! Is a simple one still good?


Tris & Ken said...

I have basically the first two-- there are good and bad about both. I would recommend the Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier, though. I don't have one yet, but everyone that I know who has one loves it. But you should keep asking around. You can find a Beco at A lady in my ward runs this site. Good luck!

L&K Family said...

I had one of the Baby Bjorn mostly went in the front, but you could use it in the back. Not really a sling per se, but it still worked pretty well! Also, my friend is having her third and this is what she is choosing:
if you are interested, I think you can get 15% off of it too. Let me know!

Aubrey and Jardan said...

The simple one--like the last picture--is nice for short distances, and eve always liked being so close. If you're walking any amount of time, though, they end up hurting your shoulder and lower back (at least how I wrapped it, there may be other ways).

whitney allison said...

Some of those things are intense. I think I started to sweat just looking at them.

Brandon & Katie said...

I have a baby bjorn and love it!
I also have a Moby Wrap which I got for Kassidy. It is really nice as you have many postions in which to hold the baby. It takes a bit to get in the groove of wrapping yourself in -but it's pretty easy. It was very nice when she was a newborn!! And it can hold kiddies up to 30lbs!