Thursday, May 29, 2008

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4 things you were doing 1o years ago: 1998

1. Junior year in high school
2. Working full time at a doctors office because I got to get out of school early to do so!
3. Enjoying spending time with my older friends because they were leaving for college soon
4. Dating boys

4 things you were doing 5 years ago: 2003

1. Tim & I were getting ready to move to California
2. working at the infamous Dr.'s Plus
3. no kids yet
4. trying to figure out how we were going to afford to live in California!

4 things I did yesterday.

1. had to fill in at work in the afternoon
2. got Chase ready to go to the babysitters house...Thanks Crissy!
3. made dinner
4. relaxed after dinner because Tim took Chase out for an hour for me

4 shows I like.

1. Survivor
2. American Idol
3. 24
4. Lost

My 4 biggest joys of the moment.

1. at times being pregnant
2. my family
3. the church
4. my friends

4 things you might not know about me.

1. I love to organize things
2. I do the finances in my marriage
3. I can't sing
4. I used to play the flute

So I now Tag.....Whitney, Paige, Emy and Kathlene

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Babies and Beds

I got my bumper pads and dust ruffle today in the mail from my mother-in-law!! I absolutely love them! They are perfect and look so cute! The colors still aren't great in the shots, but I also have a light pink sheet that matches as well. Oh, and the dust ruffle doesn't touch the floor yet because the mattress isn't in the lowest position. My mom is bringing the curtains when she comes in a few weeks. I'll make sure to put those up too! Thanks Karen!! I love them! Oh, and Chase put his baby in the crib now, that's why you can see a doll head in the shot!

What an imagination!

Yesterday while I was getting ready in the bathroom, I could here Chase saying "look, Choo Choo." Tim and I went to see what was up and Chase had taken my kitchen chairs and made a train. Now it seems to be his favorite thing to do...where do they come up with these things!

My beautiful Garden!

My lettuce is big enough to eat! It tasted yummy, it actually had more of a nutty flavor and believe it or not, it was kinda spicy! Weird! But it was good and looks nice and pretty!

Soaking up the Sun

On Saturday we took Chase to a little pond that Tim likes to fish at. It was fun and wasn't too hot so that was nice! No fish, but Chase enjoyed being outside!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rag Quilt

I've really wanted to make a rag quilt for this baby, but I'm not great a sewing. So Crissy helped me put this together! We shopped forever for fabric and found nothing! So I called my mother-in-law who lives in the land of fabric in Utah and she found stuff for me and was super nice and even cut out the squares. So Crissy helped me sew it and then I finished it up this last weekend. It turned out sooo cute! I just wanted to say thanks to Karen and Crissy for all your help, the baby will love it!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yummy Food and Good Friends

Sunday night Carrie and Aaron had us over for a Hawaiian dinner! It was lots of fun and the kids all had a blast. Thanks for the yummy food!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is it

This is a picture of the carrier I bought on eBay...remember I couldn't get a super cute girly one if Tim was going to wear it too, but I still really like the pattern of this one. I'm excited to use it!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warm Weather and cold boys

Since this baby is coming faster than I realize, I also realized that I am not going to be getting out of my house much this summer. A few reasons for that...juggling nap time leaves little time to go to the park, having to learn to deal with two kids outside of my house, lots of family coming and lots of us going to see family. So I had to find something to keep Chase occupied outside so I don't loose my mind. I was considering this cute pool with a slide but the thought of 3 two year olds (Chase's friends who would be using to pool with us often) trying to share ONE slide, did not sound like something I really wanted to deal with. So, this is what I got instead. Just a fun little sprinkler toy, and if the appeal of this wears off too soon, a pool may be considered. It seemed to go over well today as I was watching Cohen for a few hours and it as warm outside. So they played for about 45 minutes...and then they started to get cold so I made them come inside. Notice I said MADE them, they did not want to, nor were they happy that I had made this decision. Oh well, I am the mom, right?!

After Much Research and Advice...

After hours of research and getting lots of advice from blogging friends and myspace friends, I have decided to get a Mei Tai carrier! This is how they look and they can be worn front (facing you and out), back and hip. I like this option because it doesn't have lots of extra HOT fabric and they are cute and pretty reasonably priced. I've decided to purchase mine on eBay and I have talked to customers of the seller whom I am going to buy from. She makes her own from a popular "Amy Butler" pattern and uses cute fabrics. If I knew how to sew more, I might consider making my own. Maybe next baby! All of the people that I talked to that have bought her product said they have all been made with great quality and are very comfortable and said they would all buy another from her again. Some even said that they enjoy this carrier better than some of the "more pricey, name brand" carriers. So I thought for $30 I could give it a try! I'm really excited and I'll be bidding on the one I want tonight, so If I win it, I'll post a picture for you! Keep in mind I had to get a fabric that wasn't "too girly" so Tim would agree to wear it also. Wish me good luck and thanks for all the advice, it was wonderful!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I need some feedback

Alright, I've been seriously considering some type of baby sling/carrier/wrap for this new child. I've heard a few things from friends and I think I still need some more input. First I've heard that you really need a more expensive one VS. a "homemade" one to make it comfortable. That being said, I also want one that can be worn several ways, not just in the front or on the hip. I also don't like the ones that you have to wrap around your body a million times and it looks like you have another shirt on because that's too much work and I don't want to sweat more than I already do. Or the one with all the extra "pretty" fabric hanging down, which I think is cute, but totally in the way. See following pictures:

I've been looking at things more like this:

So what do you know! Help me out! Is a simple one still good?

Nice weekend

This weekend the weather was nice and we wanted to find something to do with Chase. We found a fish hatchery that was only about 30 minutes away. He loves "feesh" so we thought he might enjoy seeing a whole bunch of them. He did really enjoy it and it was nice to get outside.
His nice scratch on the side of his face came from running into the wall before we left

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Man vs. Wild

Tim and I like to watch this show (Man vs. Wild) and this is the best clip we've seen yet! Enjoy!

Get Down!

Chase had some fun dancing tonight! Don't forget to turn the music off at the bottom of the page!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pregnancy Moment

So I had a major pregnancy moment today. I drove through the bank at the ATM to buy stamps, and after I put in my card, it didn't give me a receipt or my stamps! So, I'm a little ticked because now I have to park and take Chase inside. So I wait in line and the guy asks for my card and I have to type in my PIN # and stuff and he keeps saying that it's not coming up. So he goes to get a supervisor or someone else important and she's telling me that I can't buy stamps with a credit card. I told her "I'm not, it's my ATM card." Yeah, then I realize that it really was my credit card and I'm an idiot and mad that I came in for nothing and embarrassed. So, that was my stupid prego brain moment!