Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Does anyone have any good websites for baby names? Or if you didn't name your child a name you've liked all your life, where did you come up with it? I just feel like I'm having second thoughts about the name we've kind of decided on already, but I'm not sure. I think mostly because once the name was said, Tim said he liked it and that just does not happen, so I stopped looking. And I'm not so sure I've found a spelling I like, so I won't "reveal" the name yet if you don't already know it. So help me out if any of you have good ideas! I like names that aren't popular but something that isn't too weird, just something more uncommon I guess.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My sister and my mom have been bugging me for another fat picture, so here it is! Only 7 weeks and 6 days left and hopefully she'll come early like Chase did!

Monday, April 28, 2008

100 things

Ok, so Paige did 100 things about her and said we should "play along" and I thought it was better than watching Dr. Phil here goes!
1. I get motion sickness pretty easily
2. But I love roller coasters
3. I've lived in Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and Oregon
4. I am the oldest of 4 kids
5. I used to be pretty athletic when I was younger
6. I played field hockey, softball and ran track
7. I used to play the piano, flute and the oboe
8. My family used to drive to Utah quite a bit growing up, and my Dad loves to stop and see EVERYTHING, so if it's on the way, I've probably been there!
9. I had a horny toad when I was like 9 and wanted to call it horny, but my parent's wouldn't let me
10. My brother and I were playing tag one time and we had to run to the storm door for the base and he fell through the glass door and I cut my hand AND we had a babysitter!
11. I've never broken any bones, but I have had stitches once in my leg
12. I hate cats
13. I had to stop one of my crazy room mates in college from killing herself...but she was drunk and I don't think she really would have done it
14. I think over the space of about 3 years, I wrote about 4-5 missionaries and didn't marry any of them...not that I planning on it, I was just a good friend!
15. I went to Snow College in Ephraim, school ever!
16. Looking back at my high school years, I usually always had a boyfriend, but I don't think I ever really cared who it was, just wanted one!
17. I met my husband at college while trying to make another guy jealous of me
18. I have never been allowed to give blood
19. I either didn't weigh enough in high school or had a "slight fever" every other time I've tried
20. I don't like needles anyway!
21. I've worked in 5 doctors offices
22. I once made rice crispy treats and they turned out really hard for some reason and I couldn't even get them out of the pan.
23. I threw up on an airplane when I was prego with Chase and I was all by myself
24. I trained a dog for the seeing eye when I was around 12
25. My sister and I dressed my brother up like a girl when we were little
26. My mom tells me that when I was little I used to make my sister help me get out all of our stuffed animals and line them up and then make my mom take pictures of us with them...I was pretty bossy
27. I once helped my sister run away to the neighbors house, I even packed her suitcase!
28. I've only been in one bad car accident and my car was totaled, it wasn't my fault though!
29. I've had 3 speeding tickets, but it's been over 4 years since then
30. After I was first married I was called into YW, and I went to help out at youth conference and I got in trouble for being out at night because they thought I was one of the youth.
31. I was recently in the YW presidency and attending a stake activity and was called a youth again, but made a smart comment back because I was having a bad day, I still feel bad about that!
32. My last job I had some patient asked me why I wasn't in school ( assuming I was supposed to be in high school)
33. I don't think I look that young!
34. I can't really take pain medicine, they make me too loopy!
35. I'm a bit of a perfectionist
36. I like to organize things
37. I hate most flying bugs and spiders
38. I don't like to step on most bugs because of the noise they make when you squish them
39. I can type faster than my husband who works on computers for a living
40. Tim and I dated for almost 2 years before we got married
41. He was the only guy I "dated" in college
42. I was a DJ on the radio in college for a radio class, that was fun!
43. You know you're getting old when The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on Nick at Night
44. Once when I was hunting with Tim, a chipmunk crawled up my leg and scared me to death and Tim got mad because now I had scared the deer
45. I am defiantly a planner, and I have to always have a list, grocery list, to do list, run errands list
46. I wish I could re-do my wedding, lots of things did not turn out like I wanted!
47. I love to play games
48. I love to watch movies
49. I love reality TV
50. I hardly ever buy candy or junk food at my house, but I love to bake!
51. I've never tried to diet
52. I hate to exercise
53. I know how to knit,crochet and cross stitch
54. I love to scrapbook
55. I used to be scared to swim in some swimming pools because I thought there were sharks in the deep end
56. I scare VERY easily
57. I got married in the Manti Temple
58. I almost started my own consulting business
59. I would love to be a wedding planner or event coordinator
60. I love to take surveys
61. Sometimes when I get junk mail from credit card companies, I stuff as much junk as I can in their prepaid mailing envelopes and mail it back to them
62. I love to listen to my music loud in the car
63. I have a really small bladder, and it's worse when I'm pregnant
64. If I had lots of money and a big yard, I think gardening would be my new hobby
65. I've only been to 5 concerts, Garth Brooks, DMB, Lit, Eve 6 and Maroon 5
66. Tim got me into bow hunting, so now I have my own
67. He also has taught me how to ride 4 wheelers and snow mobiles
68. I don't like to ride snow mobiles
69. I miss living in Utah and camping with my in-laws
70. I like doing laundry but hate folding it
71. Growing up I was never allowed to watch Seinfeld or Friends and now I've seen the whole series of both
72. I had to walk to school most of my school life
73. I once let a 5th grader pull out my tooth instead of my mom, she wasn't very happy
74. My mom hates dogs, yet I think we've had 3
75. We've also had 2 birds which she disliked as well
76. I think she liked our turtle
77. I've been to Hawaii twice and am jealous of Kathlene b/c she's there right now with out me!
78. I slept with a stuffed animal until I was in college I think
79. I hate going to the Dentist
80. I think I would die if I ever had to have any type of sx or anything done to my feet
81. When I go fishing I hate to touch the fish!
82. Tim made me touch the fish last time and I'm super scared that when I'm taking out the hook it's going to bite me!
83. I don't like scary movies
84. Yet I seem to watch them anyway
85. I love ice cream and brownies
86. When Tim was looking for a job out of college, we could have moved to Hawaii for an internship but decided that the money wasn't enough to live there
87. I regret not having my mom teach me how to sew more when I was younger
88. I had to go to early morning seminary my 4 years of high school
89. Being a perfectionist you would think I would make my bed more often, but I don't
90. Did I say I hate cats
91. I hate cats
92. I hate when people don't do things that are part of their job, ie: ok, I can't think of an example right now
93. I've been to more funerals than I can count
94. I didn't need glasses until I was a freshman in college
95. If I had lots of money, I would be addicted to buying shoes
96. and purses
97. I used to be addicted to nose spray
98. I used to have my belly button pierced
99. I used to do dumb stuff in college because we lived in a really small town
100. I don't talk about those things unless you are my old room mates!

Ok, that was really hard for me! So I hope you learned something new about me and I think everyone else should try and do it too! It's fun to learn new things about people!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I can't believe our garden is growing! I'm so excited! How fun! It's the first time I've ever done this, I know Tim has and he knew what to do, but I haven't! It's so fun to see something growing after you have taken time to plant it.
We cut Chase's hair...he for sure has my hair, lots and lots of it! When it's longer we just have to cut it so much. I just wanted it short so it's easier to fix and we don't have to cut it as often. Although this time he just cried and cried when we cut it. It's not easy to cut hair on a moving target! But, Tim got the job done! I think he looks cute!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How many of me?
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I also did this with my maiden name and it came up 0 as well. Pretty cool!

Just because....

I don't know if you all have noticed, but because of the rise in gas prices it's causing many of our everyday "items" to go up in cost as well. One thing I've noticed recently are diapers. When Chase was young, the Target brand of diapers worked really well for him, but about 6-8 months ago, I had to make a switch! So after talking to friends and all the jazz, I've decided Luvs are now my brand of choice! I've been able to find that the cheapest place in town is Target and I've often been able to use awesome coupons when buying this brand. One time I used 3 coupons and got a whole package for free! That doesn't happen often. Anyway, so this past week I was at Target and noticed the price of the box of about 70, size 5 diapers has raised in price about $3. I think that's a lot! So, I came home and did some research online and have found to sell the best priced diapers. If any of you have found better, let me know! Anyway, I was able to buy a case of size 5 with 150 diapers for $34.53, which is much cheaper per diaper than Target. It was about 31 cents per diaper at Target and only 23 cents with Amazon, and free shipping as well. So I thought I'd share and please let me know if any of you with kids in diapers have found better!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cute video of Chase

I just thought this was cute. Chase has been saying "baby sister" so I tried to get it on tape for you. He did surprisingly well! Don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom of the page!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a day

So I think Chase has officially hit the "terrible two's." I used to think when he was 1 1/2 that he just started early, but nope. This is definitely it. I can't go anywhere without him absolutely throwing a fit when we leave. Unless of course it's just the grocery store or something boring for him. I'm talking crying, arching back, scratching, kicking, fits! This is not easy to deal with when my huge stomach is in the way as well. I mean it's hard to even just hold him when he's not upset. I'm not sure why, he gets in trouble and he knows that even if we had other plans afterwards to go to the park or something, that we just go home when he acts like that. So I'm not sure what the deal is. Hopefully it gets better before it gets worse. Although I can't see it getting much worse. On a better note so that you all know I do love my child, he has been doing this cute thing where he is absolutely obsessed with Tim's truck. I mean, he loves trucks and cars anyway, but he says "bye bye" to the truck before he says it to Tim. And when dad comes home, it's "truck truck." For the past few weeks now when we drive down the road, this is what I hear in the back, truck, truck truck, car, car, car, bus! It's really entertaining to listen to! Anyway, I just needed to vent and that's what blogging is all about, right!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Freezing cold birthday party!

On Saturday we went to the park for Parkers was freezing! It wasn't even supposed to be a cold day, and all that week it had been in the 60's and 70's. Anyway, the boys had fun playing and then we had lunch and cupcakes.

It was a little windy, so lighting the candles was a little bit hard!
Cohen only ate the sprinkles and frosting

And Chase ate the whole thing....of course!
Thanks for a fun afternoon Crissy, even though it was cold, we still had fun!

Friday, April 4, 2008

"The Rock"

So If any of you read my blog, you should know that we are trying to make our back yard look like we actually want to spend time out there! So, we got this BIG ROCK to go in the back yard where we have dug up some grass and are trying to make it look nice. After Tim got it to our house in the back of his truck, Travis let us use his fork lift to try and move it in the back. This is what happened last night. Robby came over to drive the fork lift.
Once part of the fence was removed, the lift would be able to clear the fence, but only by a few inches on either side. Apparently these fork lifts weight A LOT because they have to move heavy stuff, and our dirt and gravel on the side of the house was no match for the machine.
Thus causing it to lean too far to one side and get stuck coming into the back yard. It kept sliding closer and closer to one side of the fence and sinking into the dirt. After about 3 hours, they decided to pull it out from the back with the truck. That got it out with minimal damage to our fence, thank goodness! But, now we were back to the rock being in the front yard, and not the back! So, we decided to try again tomorrow with a different plan. Travis told us if we got ply wood to let it drive on, it would not sink 4 inches into the dirt. So, that was the plan!
Robby and his son Cameron
Travis came this time to help out, and the ply wood worked wonders!
Cleared the fence!

And there it is! Never to ever move from this spot AGAIN! This time it only took 30 minutes! After all was said and done, we decided that this rock probably weighs around 1500 lbs! I was nervous the whole time I was watching because Tim had to keep sticking his hands and arms under it to move the wood or strap it on the fork lift or put the wood under it in order to set it on the ground. That would not have been pretty if something would have happened! But all is well and the rock is in the yard!
Backing out was the easy part! No heavy rock!

Once I get some things planted back there, I'll take some more pictures!

Best store by far!

For those of you (whom I hope it's none of you) have never been the The Children's Place, you are missing out. This is my favorite store by far to buy clothes for my kids. The thing I love most about this store, is if you sign up online to be on their mailing list, you get 15%-20% off coupons in the mail almost monthly. The best thing about these is you can use them on sale items and you can use them over and over until they expire. Now what store does that! I mean come on! When I found out I was having a girl, I went to a bigger store in AZ with my mom and I bought a HUGE bag of clothes for $30 b/c everything was on sale and I used my 20% off coupon. It was awesome! I love finding deals! Now these are the shorts I got today for my toddler for church this summer....already marked down to $11.99 plus 30% off, plus I had a 15% off coupon, which made them about $7. Can't beat that for church clothes! I also got 3 graphic tee's which normally sell for 3 for $18....marked down to $4.99 each, plus 30% off and I used my coupon again, making them $2.97 each! And I love to shop at used children's clothes stores, but you can't even buy a used shirt most of the time for that price! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about my great finds for the day! I hope you make a trip if you've never been before!