Friday, March 28, 2008

Night Night

Last night our husbands went to play basketball over at the church so Crissy and Tamara brought the boys over and we made cookies. While we were cooking, we could hear Chase saying "night night" over and over again. So we went in there to see what was going on, and this is what we found. After they had their fun and got out, Chase kept saying it, so I think he was trying to convince the other two to do it again! They had fun and didn't hardly even fight while they were playing last night!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was crazy! First on Saturday we had to get the backyard ready for the kids to have their egg hunt. We had invited a few families over who live in apartments for dinner and an egg hunt. Our yard has always been a work in progress, but today it looks 98% better than it has in the 3 years we've lived here and I'm so excited! We put mulch EVERYWHERE! We had a lot of dirt and rocks all over the yard.
Tim has lovingly built me garden boxes and I can't wait to start growing stuff! When we moved in, there were nasty rocks and stuff over here because the people who lived here before us had cemented clothesline posts into the ground! Who has an out door clothes line anymore! Anyway, it looks much better now, we just need to fill them with dirt and seeds!

This was all dirt, and I've planted some flowers here, hopefully they grow!
This is where we had dug up all that grass. The mulch looks great, and we did put a few rocks in later that day but I haven't gotten any plants yet...still, it looks so much better!
This was the hole of the backyard, it was like they used it for dumping everything that they didn't want, so we cleaned it out and of course, covered it with mulch!
My two favorite boys ready for church on Easter Sunday
After church we had some friends over for dinner and an egg hunt. This is Chase and Parker, don't they look so cute in their Easter outfits! I got mine on eBay! Minus the non-matching shoes! He doesn't have brown church shoes, oh well!
Here are all the kids eating dinner! Cohen, Parker, Chase, Cali and Corinne
Tamara, Garrett and Cohen outside for the egg hunt
Cali and Corinne were helping Chase at the end

Chase had a lot of fun, I can't believe how fast he caught on because he had never done this before, but he loved it!

After we were all done, they just played around for awhile, none of the boys took a nap that day, so after the initial grumpiness wore off, we think they were kind of delirious! They had fun playing though
Chase was so tired after everybody left, he fell asleep at 7:30! What a day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

g diapers

So have you guys heard about these diapers? They are called g diapers. My friend Crissy was telling me about them, you should watch the video and tell me what you think. They are earth friendly but kinda weird, you'll see after you watch the video. (click on the link above) I think it's a great idea, but I would have to be more committed to "saving the landfills" because the refills are pretty pricey!

Belly shot

After seeing Deborah's belly picture, I realized it's been awhile since I've posted one too! Please excuse my ugly face, I hate being the only person in a picture! So this is it with 13 weeks and 3 days left to go!

Monday, March 17, 2008


So I thought I would share a "Chase moment" from this weekend, actually 2. He's usually really good about not getting into things he knows he's not allowed to get into, but these were totally my fault. By our couches, we have an end table, and in both of these stories, I left something there, which you would have thought I learned my lesson the first time, but I guess not. So the first time, I had some Cadberry Mini-eggs in an open bag sitting there and the second time it was a bottle of Tums (my heartburn has been bad this time). Both times I've come in to find him eating at least 1 of these things, I don't think it was more than that because I wasn't gone for long. But the funny part was that as soon as I walked back in the room, he tried to give me the bottle or the bag and he just said over and over "here go, here go." That's what he says when he knows he shouldn't be into whatever it was he was into.  It was cute and hopefully I have learned my lesson now!

Weekend Projects

Saturday was a pretty good day to get some yard work done. It was sunny, and raining on and off all day, which was nice because I'd rather do what we did now, instead of in a few months when it gets really hot! See that nice HUGE pine tree thing, it's not in my yard, but it sure doesn't let anything GROW in my yard. Even grass! So, we decided to dig up what was left of any grass in that area and we are going to put some mulch and landscaping rocks and I'm pretty sure I could get some ornamental grass to grow if I plant it as far away from the tree as possible. That corner of my yard has just been an eye sore for so long I was sick of it. Tim and I worked while Chase played outside and he had lots of fun. I'll keep you updated on how it looks. We'll probably get mulch this weekend because I think we are going to let the kids hunt for Easter eggs in our backyard and we don't want them to have to go in the mud. So, hopefully that will be done soon! I'm just sick of fixing my house and my yard....I want it all to just be done! The front yard is well on it's way. It looks much better than it did when we moved in, and the house only has minor things left to remodel. One more bathroom, a few more windows and some new doors and hardware and we'll be done! I can't wait! Except, who really knows when that will get done, especially since we'll be adding to the family soon and I suspect she'll be keeping us pretty busy for awhile. Oh well, all in time I guess!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Why is it they look so much older when you cut their hair! I didn't even cut it that much, and yes, it's not fixed in these pictures, but he still looks so grown up!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tagged: Husband Post
I've been tagged by Amy
What is your husband's name? Timothy James Eisenbrandt
How long have you been together? We've been together 8 years, married 6.
How long did you date? 2 years
Who eats more? if I am pregnant in this question, then obviously me, but normally him
Who said I love you first? I'm pretty sure it was me, but my memory right now is not very good
Who is taller? He is a few inches taller.
Who has more speeding tickets? Me, granted the two I've had are from over 4 years ago!
Who is smarter? I would have to say him, when I ask him a question, I'm shocked if he doesn't know the answer
Who is more sensitive? I guess me in general, but he has his times
Who does the laundry? that's all me, unless I'm out of town, then he has to do his own
Who does the dishes? Depends on who cooks, but we both usually take turns
Who sleeps on the right? If you are looking at the bed from the foot, I am on the left
Who pays the bills? I do. He wouldn't even know how to get to the online bill pay.
Who mows the lawn? That one is totally not me, I don't even know how to turn the dang thing on! Granted, he has shown me more than once, I just choose not to remember how to
Who cooks dinner? We both do but he is much better at it.
Who drives when you are together? Usually him but if I'm in a hurry then I like to drive.
Who is more stubborn? We both are
Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Probably him.
Who's parents do you see more often? Pretty much the same, seeing as how they both live far away and we take turns seeing them
Who has more siblings? Me, I have 3 and he has 2
Who wears the pants in the family? depends on what is going on
Who eats more sweets? We both have a sweet tooth.
Guilty pleasures? just ice cream, and I love brownies! That goes back to the previous question
How did you meet? We had a radio class together in college. He did a show with a friend of mine. The night that I met him I was trying to make another guy jealous and I told the other guy that I had met Tim and that we were getting married!
Who asked who out first? He called a few days after and we went to a movie, the first guy to actually take me on a REAL date in college.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me, but he'll tell you it was me who kissed him first.
Who proposed? That was Tim
Best Feature? I love his hair
Best personality trait? He will do anything to help anybody
Pet names? babe
Where do I see us in 15 years?. That seems like a long time to think ahead....but, probably not living in Oregon anymore, hopefully closer to our family. Chase will be almost graduating high school and we should have a few more teenagers by then! And we'll just be old
What is my favorite thing about him? He's a great dad and wonderful husband.
I NOW TAG Lynn, Tiffany, Candace and Lissa!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I thought it would be fun....

So I had some free time today, which doesn't happen often, but I thought it would be fun to find some old pictures of all my fellow bloggers that I have known for over 6 years. Most of you from then are either from college or high school so these pictures are fun! I tried to find one of everybody, and some I had to choose more than one because they were too good to pass up! I think we should all do this, especially because it might be fun for us to find out everyone else knows the people that they blog with! Soooo I challenge you guys to find old pictures! It's really fun!
So first one, this has a lot of you...Emy in the back there making some gangsta sign, sitting next to Tristen and Paige in front of her!
This has a lot too, let's see, Me and Deborah by the statue, Paige, Emy, Michelle and Tristen below us and I think that's all in this one!
This is a great bonus picture, because it's really me and Deborah but then we've got Quinn in the back doing who knows what!
This one is Greg in the middle and Lynn on the end!
Me and Emily is on the right
Me and Candace at EFY, can't recall the year of this EFY
Me and Candace again
This one is great because you two are married now! hehehe, Candace and Adam!
Emy!! and I think Jon's head is cut off on the side!
This one is cool because it goes (left to right) Tris, Emy, (Emily who hasn't joined the club yet) Me and Katie!
Me and Tris and Emy in the back
Quinn, Emy, Tris and Me
Me, (Haley not in the club!) Tristen and Michelle!
Me on the right, and Becca in the middle
Deborah and Me making some weird face
Me and Emily, we look hot!
Me and Emily again
I think I got almost everyone from before I was married...I know I can't find any pictures of Heidi and Amy all our pictures are still pretty recent so I didn't count them! Anyway, I hope you guys go through your pics and post some fun ones too! Good Luck!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Tristen had given me a recipe to make some bread and I finally got around to actually doing it and so far it smells yummy! The loaf of the left is a little blobby looking.....but it's my fault. Since the dough was so big after it rose I thought I would try baking it in a regular bread pan and then one in a silicone bread pan. I've found that when I make banana bread, it turns out flatter and wider in the silicone pan, if that makes sense. I just thought it would be better for the amount of dough. As it turns out, it's not and the dough did not take the shape of the pan, rather the dough stayed in a blob and the sides of the pan expanded. Oops! Oh well! I'm sure it will still taste yummy, I'm going to go cut some now!! Thanks Tris!

what the heck

Ok, I know I have another blog that is all about complaining, but I wanted to get several opinions about my topic this afternoon....gas prices! I know that Medford (where I lived) has the highest gas prices in all of Oregon so I wanted to compare with everyone else. Before I tell you the price, I really don't understand WHY Medford is so high, Central Point and Ashland are less than 10 miles away and their gas is cheaper? It's beyond me I guess, I thought this whole oil thing was kind of getting settled. Anyway, today as I was coming home from the grocery store, the Chevron had regular grade fuel selling for $3.49! What is even worse is, it used to be only 10 cents difference between grades, now it has gone up to 12 cents. Granted, I was able to go to Safeway and get gas about 5 cents cheaper but what the heck is going on here! I want to know where you guys live how much your gas costs!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I just wanted to type!

So I'm at Tim's office, we clean his building on the weekends for some extra money, and he just got a new 24' iMac and this keyboard is amazing! I want one sooo bad! They are so fun to type on so I decided to post something just so I could type! Anyway, if you haven't seen them, here's a picture, they are really fun. So there ya go, I just wanted to type on it! Have a great weekend!