Friday, February 29, 2008

All about Chase

I'm pretty sure Chase is an average 2 year old eater. He'll eat one thing fine one day and not like it the next. He also eats some surprising things....for instance, prunes. Then last night while we were eating dinner, he wanted some of our spinach from our salad. OK...he actually ate it and wanted more. I though it was weird seeing how spinach leaves really have no taste to them, but he ate a whole bowl full!

Then later before he went to bed, I was just reading my book...Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers, good book by the way, and Chase starts putting his cars all over me. He does the strangest things sometimes but he was having fun!!

I also think Chase is really starting to enjoy his bed, either that or he really knows when he's tired because lately when it's close to his nap time, he comes up to me and says "nigh nigh" and takes me into his room so he can go to sleep! Yesterday we had a doctors appt in the morning and got home about noon. He doesn't usually take his nap until around 1pm, but as soon as we walked in the door..."nigh nigh" and he was already laying in his bed before I could take off my shoes! I tried to feed him lunch, but he didn't eat much, apparently he was tired! I'm glad I have trained my kid to sleep well, it was a lot of work when he was a baby, but it is soooo worth it to Tim and I to have a child who sleeps well and always in his own bed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Travis!

Last night we went over to the Skabelunds to celebrate Travis' 33rd birthday! Man your getting old! Anyway, we had lots of fun and ate lots of yummy food!
Lissa and Jeremy

Carrie making a cute face!
Some of the boys playing rock band
I'm trying to figure the game out but it's kinda hard! It's fun though
Travis counting to see if he really has 33 candles!
Chase really liked singing into the microphone. Don't ask me how he knew how to do it, but he sure was singing us a song!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The only thing I changed...

Most of you who read my blog have already seen that Tim re-modeled the kids room while I was out of town. I really like it! I did change one thing though, I bought different curtains. Yes, they are black!
This is the fabric for the new baby's bumper pads that Tim's mom is making. I really liked the idea of the black curtains in the room. They aren't closed during the day, so it doesn't overpower the room or anything, and Chase's bed has black in it too. I really like it. Oh and the dust ruffle for the crib is going to be black and white toile.
This is just an example of a pattern that can be on toile just in case you aren't familiar with what it is.
Then around the crib my mom is making pink curtains that will hang from the ceiling and will surround the crib so that the baby and Chase can't see each other....thank you to Jen R. for the great idea! They can be tied back as well, so the shouldn't over power the room either. I'm really excited to see it all put together!! I hope it all looks good together!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Changing Table

Here are the pictures of the changing table that I mentioned in the last post. If any of you are trying to save space like me, it's great!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Success on many notes!

So first....Chase slept in his twin bed last night for the first time! I had been waiting until his schedule was kinda back on track because being in Arizona with the time change was hard for him to adjust to. So he slept pretty much all night but woke up at 5am and he wouldn't go back to sleep. He may have been a little scared or something. So this afternoon he came up to me and kept saying "nigh nigh" so I went in to his room and put him in his bed (keep in mind his crib is still in his room b/c we aren't taking it down just to put it back up in a few months) and I haven't heard from him yet! So hopefully he starts sleeping better and stays in it!
Second....Craigs list is awesome! I know some of you out there have had not so good experiences with it, but yesterday was the second time I've sold something the same day I've posted it! The first time I sold our old fridge. This time I sold our changing table. We don't have room for another piece of furniture in the nursery so I sold it yesterday and now we have the one from Ikea that mounts on the wall and pulls down! I can post a picture of it later, I don't want to go in the room and wake up Chase! I do still have one item on Craigs List waiting to sell, so we'll see. I'm trying to sell our rocking chair too!
K, now on a not so good note....I've had the worst experience on eBay this last month I can hardly stand it! I bought a cricut's for scrapbooking...and there was this one seller pretty much dominating the whole market on them. I didn't really like her feedback, she had a lot of negative but I kinda had to buy from her. Plus I had been already watching for over a month to find the best deal and she was it! So, relentlessly I won an auction from her on Jan 12th. In her auction she says she does not have the item, but they are ordered as they are sold and shipped within 4-5 days....which was fine with me! Until I go out of town and still don't have it. So I emailed her requesting my tracking # when the item ships b/c at this point Tim is going to have to come home from work on his lunch break and get it off of my door. I did not want that machine sitting there all day! She told me more than once she would send me the tracking # once the item was shipped. This was also promised in her ad. Well, she finally emailed me and told me it had shipped but that no tracking # was available b/c she mailed it parcel post. So now I'm mad. Once I finally get it, it actually came via UPS (on Feb 8th) with a tracking # right on the label! So I leave her NEUTRAL feedback simply saying the date I purchased the item and when it came and that I did not get a tracking #. She totally left retalitory feedback for me NEGATIVE (which is my first one!) saying "we always send tracking #'s and don't be mad b/c you got a good deal!" Needless to say I had a few words of my own and I'm pissed. After I read more of her recent feedback, she has left negatives for anyone who left her neutral or negative feedback. She should not be selling on eBay and she's rude! I just want to let everyone know to make sure what you are really getting into before you buy on eBay. Generally I have no problems, but this woman is awful! If any of you have other sites that you buy on, let me know b/c I might be interested in trying another place. Thanks for letting me vent and I hope you all have a great day!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Chase....on Saturday!

Since we were all sick on Chase's birthday I made cupcakes from a box mix and we sung happy birthday. And it was so late that he went to bed right afterwards! So much for a party! At least he had a HUGE party last year and that made up for it. Maybe next year!

Random Pics from Arizona

The first night I came Zane had his pine wood durby, so I got to go and see that. He won second place!
One day I came to check on Chase, he was watching a movie in my moms room, and I found him with the movie case like this on his head. Kids do funny things!
Apparently he likes to play the piano!

Chase and Eve helping Nana play games with us!
Chase and Eve playing in the tub

Desert Meseum

This place that we went to was more like a desert zoo not a meseum, but it was still fun! On the way there are tons of these cactus...they are protected in Arizona so you can't cut them down, you have to leave them or transplant them, even if you are building a house! And they weigh like 100lbs per foot or something crazy like that! I have a picture of one that is like 30 feet high! I can't even imagine how heavy that one is!
At the zoo they had some hawks flying around and that was cool. They would fly like right over our heads!

They had a few little enclosed places with birds flying around, Chase really liked that, he loves birds!

This cougar was behind glass and Zane was staring him down, it was kinda scary!

Spending Time with the Spindles

I also was able to go and see some good friends of mine who we knew from Oregon. They left us about 2 years ago to go back to Arizona. They live about 2 hours away from my parents and my mom had to work a few days, so I headed down there to hang out with them. Kendra just had baby Bryce about 3 weeks earlier so it was fun to see the new baby and also see Kyla and Jackson again. We went and had a picnic at the park because it was such a nice day.

Train ride through Verde Canyon

One of the days we were there we took this train ride though Verde Canyon. It was pretty cool. Chase was really excited to be on a choo choo train!

Uncle Zane trying to help Chase actually use the binoculars.

Aubrey, Jardan and Eve
This was an old Indian house thing in the side of a canyon wall, it was cool because we drove right by it.
Each train car had an observation car that you could go outside and look at the sites. We actually saw a bald eagle's nest but it was too far away to get any pictures.
Don't know what Nana is doing here!
We are sooo in the desert!

The train ride was 4 hours long, a little too long for Chase!

Watch the Super Bowl or eat lots of food??

I think the Super Bowl is just an excuse for those of us who don't like football to have a party and eat lots of food! Needless to say that's what we did! So my parents had just bought this big huge couch and had all the boys help take it up stairs before the game started, that was a challenge! It's really heavy, or so I hear! But it's so comfortable and we all fit on it, it's huge! This is Austin and Zane, my younger brothers and my brother-in-law Jardan.
My cousin Ryan also lives in Phoenix, so he came over to enjoy all the food! We also celebrated my dad's birthday which was on the 3rd too! Happy birthday dad!
This is almost all of us sitting on the huge couch!
Chase and Uncle Austin had fun playing together!

Chase couldn't get enough of Eve's belly button, it was cute!