Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For Halloween Tim's mom loves to make all the grandkids their costumes...Chase was Woody from Toy Story. He is too cute! We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with some people from our ward. The Howard's have two little girls and a baby boy and the Hall's have a boy that is Chase's age. They all had lots of fun!

This is Chase and Cohen, they have lots of fun playing together. This picture kind of freaks me out because Cohen looks really old! I can totally see a teenager in there waiting to come out! Better watch out Tamara, he's going to be a ladies man!

Cohen was a bear! The boys did superisingly well trick-or-treating. The older girls were good at saying it, and the boys were kind of starting to catch on by the end of the night. Usually it was a "please" and "thank you" that just came out, not to mention Chase just thought that because someone was opening their door to him ment that he should get to go inside. So that was fun. But for the most part, they got the candy thing down, they were pretty good at holding out their little bags (or hands!) They all had fun!

After a long night they still have to try on shoes!

I thought this picture was pretty cute!

Monday, October 29, 2007


On Saturday Tim went fishing with some friends all day, so Tamara and I carved our pumpkins and we went over to Seven Oaks farm with the boys. Her little boy Cohen is only 2 weeks younger than Chase. They have fun playing together!

Halloween Party

Last Saturday we went over to the Skabelunds for a Halloween Party! We love to dress up and any excuse to have a party is always fun! Oh and someone should have told me how much you could see my glasses through my mask! I couldn't tell myself! Oh well!
Oh yes, the TACK! I stepped on a tack and I'm such a baby, I had to have Kathlene pull it out for me, but it did bleed a ton after she pulled it out!
Madison, Ethan, Tamara, Brandon and Abbey.
Madison and Robby-oh I mean Ricky Bobby
Carrie and Aaron
All of us girls!
And all the rest of the girls!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Chase usually likes to take showers, but he was pretty dirty after dinner tonight, so I put him in the tub and I thought I would share! Don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom of the page!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I know it's been forever since I've posted something family visited and then 2 days after that I had to do Super Saturday for church! Now that everything is over, I can take a breath and get back to real life. So my parents and sister live in Arizona, and my Dad and brother in law (Jardan) work together. They flew to San Fransisco for work and my mom, sister, her daughter and my brother drove up to San Fran to meet them and Tim and I. So we spent a long weekend there and then they drove back to Medford with us to stay for a few days. We went to Alcatraz the first day. This is to boat that takes you over to the island. The tour was really cool, I've never done it before!

My dad and my brother Zane on the ferry.

View of the city from Alcatraz Island

My dad and my niece Eve.

These next few pics are from inside the prison. We took an audio tour, that's why everyone is wearing earphones.

Here we are waiting for the ferry back to San Fran...Chase and Nanna were trying to catch the seagulls!

The next day we walked all over China town and then went to Golden Gate Park. They have recently added this cool part and the kids had a lot of fun, even though it was pretty chilly!

The last day we were in town we went to a science and aquarium place that was still in the process of being built, but they still had lots of fish and things for the kids to look at.

This is Zane with a hermit crab or something that lived in the water. Chase was too afraid to touch anything!

This is Chase after a long day, he was throwing a fit and wouldn't let Dad carry him to the car. He really just wanted to be able to run on his own, I'm sure he was sick of being pushed in the stroller all weekend!

When we got back to Medford we decided to take a hike up to Rainey Falls. It was the perfect day to go because it was a little chilly and rainy and it's the best time to go after it rains!

Aubrey and I found a salamander and carried it like half way to Zane (he and Tim walked ahead of us girls) to show him, then he didn't want to leave it. It was really cool though, it had bright orange skin on the bottom and brown on the top.

No Chase is not taking this picture, he's in the car!