Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Random Facts

OK OK OK, I"m not good at these things but everybody is making me post 8 random facts about myself.

1. I hate bugs, mostly spiders and things that fly.
1. I scare too easily...Tim is teaching Chase young.
3. I am a little tiny bit OCD
4. I can't keep my hair in one style for too long because I get bored with it
5. I have found my new hobby to be reading, although I still LOVE to scrapbook and knit
6. I love sushi
7. I love to organize things, anything, things at home or anything that has to do with doing things in an order, oh, and this includes packing....mainly just a suitcase...I've moved too much to enjoy packing my house!
8. I generally have to have a plan for things, not really day to day, but if I go somewhere on vacation or things like that, I have to know what's going on or it drives me crazy.


Bean said...

You forgot to mention your addiction to nasal sprays.

LJ said...

Hi Anja,

So fun to hear from you on my blog and read yours! What a cute family YOU have and your son Chase is just beautiful. It sounds like you are such a fun mom. Thanks for sharing and best wishes! I hope all is well with your family too. It's fun to see your cute pics.

Have a great day!

Lynn Johnson

PS: I hate bugs too and make my kids and husband kill them for me before I will get near them... :)

Amy said...