Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transformers baby!

Alright...for those of you who have not seen Transformers, go see it. It was awesome, we really enjoyed it. The entire movie was action packed! Very good flick! We had plans to go see it for Tim's birthday last night, and we had a babysitter and everything, and we get to the theater, and their power was out! The only good theater in town! So we had to go to the crapy dollar theater in the ghetto (white city) instead. The sound was awful and we really wished we could have really actually HEARD the movie too, the sound in those crapy theaters is pretty bad. But it was still a good movie and we still had fun with our friends!

Carrie and Aaron!

Kathlene and Aaron hanging out...we have to get a picture of this!


Bean said...

That was fun! We need to do that again.

Bean said...

Yes! You had the right answers on my little quiz. I did that because everyone says Bryson looks exactly like Ethan. I think they look alike but not exactly.