Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rainey Falls with the Folsom Girls

Tim and I stayed at the Folsom's house this week to watch Kate and Halley while their parents were out of town...we had fun! Saturday we took them up to do our favorite hike, to Rainey Falls. It's a 2 mile each way hike, so the ice cream we got at the end on the way home sure tasted good! This is along the path. Rainey Falls is a big rapid on the Rogue River. You can only raft this section of the Rogue with a guide becuase it's considered "wild."

This is Halley on our way up.

Here is Tim with Chase. He actually did alot better than we thought he would. These last 2 or 3 days the poor kid has been getting in his pointy teeth (that's what I call them) and he's had a bad fever and he's very cranky. But he didn't complain once (not that he can talk or anything) but no crying or anything. He just enjoyed being outside I guess.

Here are the falls! They are so much better in real life! The best time of the year to go up there is when the salmon are running up stream (they aren't right now) When they do, you can see these HUGE fish jumping out of the water trying to get up these huge falls, it's really amazing and we could sit there for hours and watch. We'll have to go next time so we can take some video to show.

This shot is as you are looking away from the falls, down river.

Kate and Halley!

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Bean said...

I missed you! I'm glad your back home!