Monday, July 9, 2007

More 4th of July Randomness

As part of the 4th of July celebration in town, all these hot air balloons were flying around and then at night they were lighting them up to the beat of music. So that was kind of fun to go and see.

Me with Allison and Lexie leaving the show.

Saturday afternoon we went out with the Skabelunds on thier boat, and this is all Chase wanted to do....he actually wasn't very happy most of the time. We swam with him in the lake and he liked that, and he really liked when the boat would go fast!

This is Amy's little boy Jackson, they live in Utah and I just can't believe how much he is growing up! He's 10 months old!


Bean said...

Thanks for boating with us! I'm sorry the day started out ruff but I had fun!
Anj, congrats on winning in settlers last night!

Anonymous said...

Dad and I really enjoy your blog. Chase is growing up so much. We really miss you guys.
Love Dad and Mom E.