Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth Of July

So it was the 4th when we went and picked up our family that was visiting us, and on the way back to Medford, we stopped in Grants Pass to visit Jack and Dawn (our Uncle & Aunt) for a 4th of July party! They usually have a big pool party and Jack's band, "Mr.J" plays. It was lots of fun!

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Kirkham Family said...

Hey Anja!!
First off...I love your pictures! Especially the one where you are sitting on the log w/your leg up & Chase is in front...sooo cute!
Second, I think there are 2 reasons why your pictures are in a line like that...1)your template is a skinnier version..I have one of the stretchy ones...2.)Your pictures might be a little too big. I usually put them in on the medium size...and the size them down a little bit. So, there you have it, sorry this was so long, but if you have any other questions, let me know!!