Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rafting The Rouge River

Yesterday Kathlene and Travis went with Tim and I on a little rafting trip down the Rogue River. Isn't Oregon beautiful! We're so lucky to live here!

These are the kyaks we went in. They just seat two people. Kathlene and I pumped them up all by ourselves while the boys went and dropped off the car at our ending spot.

This is Kathlene and Travis.

Kathlene and I.

Travis working hard, row that boat!

So now here's the fun part of the day. Towards the end of our trip, we were going to hit one last big rapid, I guess it's like a 3 on the scales of 1-5. It's one of the bigger ones on the river that you can go on yourself without having a guide. Tim and I decide to go first and just as we were about to hit the first rapid, which was the worst one, it spun our kyak sideways so we didn't hit it head on, which was bad! Our boat flipped over and we went under! As Tim was struggling to get the raft infront of me to hold onto, I was freaking out! I don't know why I was so concerned about my stupid shoe, but it was coming off so I was trying to get it back on. Doing that was causing me to get sucked under the boat instead of floating with my feet up like Tim was trying to tell me to do. All of our stuff was floating down the river and Travis and Kathlene were picking it up as they found it for us, so nothing was lost! I finally let go of my stupid shoe and was able to hang on to the boat with both arms, but I still was freaking out. Tim was great and tried really hard to keep me calm. We eventlually got past all the rapids and safely back in the boat. I think I was shaking for like 20 minutes afterwards. But it's a funny story now and we had lots of fun! This was my worst battle wound. The rest were scrapes and scratches on my knees and legs. Tim only knocked his ankle once and it's a little swollen.

I just wanted to show Grandma that Chase loves his Mr. Potato head...thanks!!

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