Monday, June 11, 2007

Free-Fishing Weekend

This weekend was free fishing weekend where you could fish without a license. So we went to Hyatt Lake which is only about an hour from our house and went camping! Chase did a lot better than last time on this trip. Our campground was a little bit more secluded from other ones so he could run and play a little more. This is the view of the lake from our campground.

We met the Kings up there, this is Lissa and Jeremy being a dork!

And Ashley and Dallas Stahle came sad because they are moving in a few weeks up to Portland. We're excited for them though, Dalls got a great job and they've already bought a cute house! We look forward to visiting them up there!

The best thing about this weekend was that camping was free AND they cooked hot breakfast for the campground on Saturday and Sunday! They look like they are enjoying their food!

There was a horseshoe pit at the campground so that was fun...the kids enjoyed that!

This is Ashley with Lissa's kids...Jaden, Kyla and Ella.

Chase seemed to enjoy eating sticks, this was his favorite past time!

Ashley and I getting ready to go out fishing. Needless to say none of us except Jeremy caught any fish that we could keep. They lake had lots of little bass and catching those was fun! We all caught plenty of those!

So Chase has learned how to climb up things, usually it's my couches but this time is was the table!

Lissa and I in the smoke from the hard-to-start fire.

Tim is our resident food cooker! He enjoys cooking us food while we camp. Apparently Jeremy and Lissa had flames coming out of their dutch oven when they were cooking their dinner, so we shared our yummy chili with them!


Bean said...

Cute pictures! It looked like you guys had fun.

Amy said...

Awww...I wish we could go camping with you! Looks like fun!