Monday, June 4, 2007

Carrie's Birthday!!

We celebrated Carrie's 26th birthday this weekend...yeah! We had lots of fun! We went over to the Skabelunds for a BBQ and then we had a girls night!

We had to take a picture with Tamara before we left because she has a 2 month old and she needed to stay with her, so she didn't get to come :o( Me, Kathlene, Tamara, Jenn (prego) and Carrie

We went to this place called the Family Fun Center in Central Point. They have fun things to do like mini golf, a little go cart thing, bumber boats and an aracade inside.

This is Kathlene the second time we went on the go carts, she was waiting for me to kick her butt because I took her fast car!

After we rode the cars we went and started to play mini golf but it started to rain....HARD, but we wanted to stay and have fun. So then it started to thunder and lightening pretty loud and next thing we know all the lights went off right when a big bolt of thunder hit. We all screamed and we thought that the power had gone out. So we stood there trying to play in the dark for a little bit...then we realized they were probably trying to kick us out. So we had to leave, at least we got our money back!

This is Jenn in the car on the way home, we had lots of fun listining to loud music with no kids in the car! Except for the one in her tummy!

Some of our friends gave us this fun pool for Chase so I took him out in it on Saturday. He had a lot of fun!

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