Saturday, May 12, 2007

Random Things

So this is my sister Aubrey and her husband Jardan at his graduation from BYU.

This is their daughter Eve, she's so adorable! She's about 7 months old.

This is one of our best friends Tim, he and his family live in Utah and this is the awesomest backpack/child carrier! I want one!

Last summer our good friends the Watkins gave us these rose bushes. He was doing an internship at Harry & David's and they give away rose bushes to their employees and they gave us a whole bunch! I really didn't expect them to live because I really am just learning how to garden, but out of the 9 bushes I have, 7 are growing really fast!

These are just a few that have already bloomed, I can't wait to cut them and bring them inside!

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Dave and Mandy said...

Oh Anja! I'm so happy you have a blog. I have a blog too but I update it about as often as I water our roses which sadly, is never and that is why I was so thrilled to see your roses are alive and well in Medford! It will be fun to keep up with you, Tim and Chase via your blog. Happy blogging!