Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend we decided to go camping! We haven't been able to get out and go in way too long...so we took the Skabelunds and went to the coast. We went to this city near the coast and camped at Humbug Mountan State Park. It was beautiful up there! The campground had hiking trails and a trail that lead us right to the beach. This is the Skabelunds....Travis with Bryson on his back, Lexie, Allison, Ethan, Madison and Kathlene. We found this cool tree that was right in the middle of the path of the hike we were on.

This is Travis being superdad...some of the kids were getting tired towards the end of the hike so he carried Ethan and Madison and Bryson for awhile.

Tim carried Chase most of the way and he found this huge stick and it just happened to be the same height as Chase on his back. Too cute!

Cute Dads!

This is Lexie, Kathlene's oldest. We found lots of pretty flowers on the hike so we had fun putting them in our hair!

Chase was tired, he fell asleep. But he did really well the whole hike!

Meanwhile back at camp, Chase and Ethan get pushed around in the cart that we had wood in, they loved it.

So it was a little harder to deal with Chase at camp then I thought he would be. He did fine most of the time, but when we had nothing to do back at camp he was a crazy man! So I resorted to this! It only worked for 20 minutes or so, then he got really mad, but at least I got a few things done around camp!

The coast is beautiful!

We found this cool little waterfall flowing down into the ocean so we had fun playing in that for awhile.

Chase was more interested in playing in the sand than taking pictures!

Me & Kathlene...please excuse my lovely camping clothes!

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Bean said...

That was a fun trip! Thanks for pushing Travis to go. He enjoyed getting away from work and hanging out with you guys!!