Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finding Chase

So the other day I was fixing my hair in the bathroom and I came out to find Chase becuase he got quite (this usually means he's doing something bad) and I went into his bedroom and I looked everywhere for him and then I saw him! Legs hanging out from under his crib. No idea what he was trying to get, nothing exciting is under there, just something new for him to get into I guess!

We went to Jeremy and Lissa's for a bbq last weekend and I had my friend Kathlene take some pictures b/c she always get's a good picture...I don't know how she does it! I just really liked this one!

So you all know that gas prices just keep going up and up, well here in Medford for regular it's up to $3.50 now...who can afford that!? So this is what we are considering as Tim's alternative transportation to work. He currently has a truck and of course we would keep it, but this would save us a ton of money on gas. SOOO we are considering...Tim really wants it!

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