Saturday, May 12, 2007


So Chase and I were able to go and visit my parents in Arizona a few weeks ago, and we went to this place called "Out of Africa." It was really fun! They took us on a tour and these giraffs would come right up to the bus and let you feed them. Zane (my little brother) loved that! He fed one of them with a carrot in his mouth!

At this place they also did a snake show. They said they did it so that people would get over their fear of snakes....yeah right! I'm terrified of them an this huge one was slithering right by me!

Zane went up to touch this thank you!

My parents are doing this HUGE renovation to their house and this cabinet will eventually have garbage cans in it, but for the time being, Chase was in it! I'll post more pictures of my parents house when it's finished, which should be in the next few weeks...we hope!

Chase was having fun eating a popsicle with Uncle Zane....he was pretty upset one he had eaten the whole thing and found out I was not going to give him another one. We didn't take a picture of that.

For those of you who might know my brother, Zane is VERY into army things and anything that has to do with history and war. Needless to say when he found out that Chase had camo pajama's we just had to get a picture of him holding one of Zane's guns!

My parents have a park pretty close to their house so we took Chase and Zane over there quite a bit. Chase LOVES to swing so he had fun!

My mom does not have child locks on her kitchen cabinets....yeah...Chase found something that tasted REAL good!

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